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Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Vocabulary Acquisition in ESP Classrooms

Hui-Ju Tsai (蔡蕙如)
National Taipei University, Taipei, Taiwan


The effectiveness of adopting English as Specific Purpose (ESP) teaching and learning context in EFL classrooms has been discussed in Taiwan for over a decade. The findings indicate positive learning outcomes in students’ academic performance in an ESP context. Nevertheless, ESP learners often struggle with language barriers and content comprehension due to limited domain-specific vocabulary Recognizing the pivotal role of vocabulary in language acquisition, this study investigates the effectiveness of an online learning application in enhancing vocabulary skills within the ESP curriculum at a university.

This research examines learners’ linguistic difficulties in ESP settings and evaluates the impact of integrating an online app into curriculum. A mixed method approach was adopted to explore learners’ achievement and the perception of using technology to determine online app’s efficacy in vocabulary acquisition. The findings suggest that ESP learners demonstrate positive outcomes towards the implementation of online learning app as a tool for improving their vocabulary skills. This study provides insights into effective strategies for using online learning applications to increase vocabulary acquisition and, consequently, improve comprehension of subject-specific knowledge at the university level. The challenge and the implication of online learning tools in ESP courses will further be discussed.

International Joint Conference of APLX, ETRA40, and TESPA 2023