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Exploring the Effect of Integrating Scratch Programming into the Strategy of EMI to Support English Language Art Learning: A Case Study of a Fourth-Grade Indian Student

En-Ru Chou
Providence University, Taichung, Taiwan


English Language Arts (ELA) is one of the compulsory academic subjects in bilingual education program for expat children in Taiwan. Owing to the potential linguistic diversity, English as a Medium Instruction (EMI) appears to be the effective strategy employed to foster students’ academic learning. Concerning the issue of students’ learning motivation towards ELA, to increase students’ learning interest and motivation, block-based programming, Scratch, might assist to create interactive activities and to promote students’ comprehension and stimulate students’ motivation via appealing visual aids. The present study is to explore the effect of integrating Scratch programming into EMI in learning ELA from a fourth-grade Indian student. The design of block-based Scratch programming seems to be an appealing learning tool to cater to students’ interests and awareness, which may be relevant to being employed in learning literature, fostering students’ learning motivation and autonomy. This study provides new insights to students’ learning motivation in ELA in Taiwan, specifically on the integration of Scratch programming and EMI employed in the process of learning. Data was qualitatively collected through direct observation and interview with an Indian student. Furthermore, relevant learning materials and lesson plans were examined to understand the pedagogical approach used. The expected results may indicate that the integration of EMI and Scratch programming significantly improves the student's motivation and comprehension in ELA. Additionally, the study may reveal that this innovative approach can effectively address common challenges faced by educators in bilingual classroom settings. Further research is recommended to examine broader application possibilities and long-term outcomes of using Scratch programming and EMI in the English Literature curriculum.


Bilingual education, ELA, EMI, Scratch programming, Bilingual Education Program for Expat Children

International Joint Conference of APLX, ETRA40, and TESPA 2023