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Exploring the Benefits of Game-Based Learning for English Language Acquisition: A Case Study of 'Exploring Egypt' Using SCRATCH

David Ivan Cho
Taichung City, Taichung City, Taiwan


The integration of technology in language learning, particularly computer-assisted language learning (CALL), has gained significant attention in recent years as an effective method for improving language skills. Among the various technologies used in CALL, programming languages like Scratch have emerged as valuable tools due to their ability to facilitate engaging and interactive language learning experiences. Studies have shown that using Scratch programming as a CALL tool promotes computational thinking and creativity in learners. Scratch has also been successfully utilized in teaching various subjects, including language learning, highlighting its effectiveness in CALL.

The study aims to explore the language skills that can be developed through Scratch programming activities and determine their effectiveness for ESL learning, with a focus on Ancient Egypt. By utilizing Scratch as a CALL tool, the research emphasizes its potential to enhance language learning more enjoyable and interactive, while also promoting computational thinking and creativity. This study will invite 10 ESL learners from grades 3-6, representing diverse backgrounds.

The study expects that its results will lead to improved English language skills, increased knowledge of history, and enhanced cultural awareness. Creating interactive projects related to Egyptian civilizations will enable students to practice English vocabulary and grammar while gaining a deeper understanding of history and different cultures. Additionally, this study’s proposed approach has the potential to broaden students’ knowledge base and develop critical thinking skills, providing an engaging and effective method for learning history and language skills through the integration of Scratch programming language.


Scratch-based activities, Scratch, English language learning, technology for language learning, ESL learners

International Joint Conference of APLX, ETRA40, and TESPA 2023