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The Effect of Using Scratch-based Game on Younger Learners’ Alphabet Learning

Yuh Fen Lee
Providence University, Taichung, Taiwan


When teaching language to younger learners, it is often necessary to change the teaching method in order to maintain their interests in learning and enhance the learning quality. Although there are already many computer-assisted teaching multimedia that can be applied in the classroom when teachers are teaching, after all, learners only use them but may not be involved during the process due to the inflexibility of the multimedia.. This study adopts scratch to create interactive stories, animations and games by using its multimedia function to construct character interaction and free arrangement. Using scratch, in addition to allowing teachers to design content that matches the teaching objectives, learners can also participate in the process and further develop their own visions of games. This research uses interactive multimedia programming to learn the complete alphabet on the one hand and complete the program execution of interactive multimedia on the other hand, trying to improve the motivation and teaching effectiveness of young learners through the design of interesting and vivid multimedia teaching materials. This research is exploring whether this teaching method is accepted by learners, how much they like it, and whether it is helpful for teaching and learning the English alphabet. This is the main topic of this study. The participants in this study were seven first-year elementary school students. Individual interviews were conducted during the eighth week of the semester, followed by the scratch-based game teaching of the study for the following six weeks. The second interview was conducted in the fifteenth week. The comparison of the results of the two interviews is the result of this study. It is hoped that through this study, its influence can be discovered, and appropriate teaching suggestions can be provided for teachers to refer to and demonstrate.


Scratch, young learners, alphabet, multimedia, CALL

International Joint Conference of APLX, ETRA40, and TESPA 2023