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Creating a GenAI-Powered Language Class from the Ground Up

Chen-Yu Chester Hsieh (謝承諭)
National Academy for Educational Research


In this workshop, I will provide a step-by-step demonstration of how to prepare for and carry out a language class with the assistance of generative AI (referred to as GenAI hereafter). I will demonstrate how GenAI, such as ChatGPT, can be utilized to generate content for various documents, including course syllabi, lesson plans, teaching materials, lecture notes, assignment guidelines, quizzes, and rubrics, as well as for online learning platforms such as Kahoot! and Quizlet. Additionally, I will highlight potential methods for explicitly integrating GenAI into language education. Participants are encouraged to bring their own devices to this workshop.

International Joint Conference of APLX, ETRA40, and TESPA 2023