International Joint Conference of APLX, ETRA40, and TESPA 2023

Advancing empowerment and resilience: Language, culture, policy and pedagogy
October 11–13, 2023
GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan

APLX 2023

International Conference on Applied Linguistics

ETRA 40th

International Conference on English Teaching and Learning

TESPA 2023

Taiwan ESP Association Annual Meeting

Transportation and Lodging

Airport Transport

International conference attendees will fly into Taoyuan International Airport. From there, they may travel to their hotel easily by MRT, bus or taxi. More public transportation options can be found on the airport website.

MRT: One of the easiest ways to travel to and from the airport is by the Taoyuan Airport Metro. The fare is 150 NT ($5 U.S., as of March 2023), and you may buy single-journey tickets or put the journey on your MRT Easy Card (200 NT minimum), which can also be used for regular MRT journeys in Taipei. Although Taipei Main Station is technically the transfer point to the airport MRT, the airport MRT is actually closer to Beimen station; you will do some walking underground and must carefully follow the signs to arrive at the airport MRT in any case. If you take the regular MRT to Taipei Main Station and then transfer to the airport MRT, you would be wise to allow 75 minutes for the entire trip.

Bus: The Evergreen Bus drops off passengers directly at the Taipei Tech campus, which is itself located next to Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT station. The Evergreen bus (5203/A) charges 90 NT (approximately $3 U.S., as of March 2023), and the ride is between 50–60 minutes. You will need to buy your ticket at the Evergreen booth and tell them your destination (they will tag your luggage) before going to wait for the bus. As you ride, you will know you are close to your destination when you see an elevated MRT line to your left (the Brown Line). This will mean you are on Fuxing Road. The bus then turns left on Zhongxiao E. Road. Tthe English announcement of Taipei Tech’s bus stop may still be mistranslated as “National Taipei University of Science and Technology.” If your hotel is near Zhongxiao Fuxing Station (at the intersection of the Blue and Brown MRT lines), you may also choose to get off at the previous stop.

Taxi: A typical taxi fare is based on the meter (taxis are yellow in color), but it will generally cost around 1200 NT when there is no traffic (a little over $40 U.S.). It is not customary to tip taxi drivers (or waiters, for that matter) in Taiwan, but many people will not ask for change if, for example, the fare were 1190 NT; 1200 would do. At the airport, there are also car rental companies that offer fixed rate taxi service.

Getting to Taipei Tech

Taipei Tech is located at the center of Taipei City. The campus is right beside the Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station of the Taipei Metro system (exit 4) and is two stations away from Taipei Main Station, the major traffic hub that connects the railway (TRA), the high speed railway (HSR), and other metro lines.

Getting to GIS Taipei Tech

Download Getting-to-venue Guide guide

The GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center is on the second floor of the Everlight Building. (The first floor is rented out to a Lexus dealership.) Turn north into the open-air area and take the elevator to the second floor. The Everlight Building is a seven–ten minute walk east of the Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT, depending on your walking speed and the traffic lights at the Jianguo elevated road. (You can also arrive at the Everlight Building by walking west for ten–fifteen minutes from Zhongxiao Fuxing Station on the blue and brown lines; you will not need to cross any major roads from that direction.)

Lodging Information

Lodging options can easily be found on Google Maps by searching for "hotels around Taipei Tech." There are two hotels directly across the street from Taipei Tech: a more affordable KDM Hotel and a more luxury-oriented MGH Mitsui Garden Hotel.

  • Please direct all of your inquiries to the staff indicated below using email. Other staff will not be able to provide most up-to-date and accurate information even if you reach through phone.
  • Conference affairs
    Mr. Julian Yang (楊先生)
  • ETRA or TESPA affairs
    Mr. Johnson Kao (高先生) /